About Us

The first thing I would like to do is thank you for taking the time to visit my online store, Now let us go a little bit deeper about these particular candles. These candles are handmade, but what makes these candle special is that they are tailored and custom made just for you and your situation. My clients want me to constantly work there case, however while in high demand, I created a candle business, so that I could reach more people around the world. I have a specialty in Love, Money, Transportation, Cleaning, and also War when necessary. In the chat box or when making your order, you can request for anything special you may need help with and I will see if I have the availability to take on your specific case. I guarantee my work so if the case is something that I can not do, then I will not lie to you just for money or to make you feel better. I am very compassionate but extremely honest. Customization is free of charge but anything extra will be put into consideration. The candle will be tailored to whomsoever made the purchase. Ex: If you buy a money candle you will use your real name, that name will be the name that is customize for that particular candle. If you buy the candle for someone else, then please let me know, and I will tailor the candle for the person that you buy the candle for. Other than that I will not customize the candle and they will have a general intention attached to the candle.

Live, Love and Light

Thank you again for shopping with Babs BB Naturals.

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